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Our quest to build a transformative future.

For a future of information, good

values and work.

We adopt effective actions to deliver to our employees, customers, suppliers and the local community impacted by the development of our projects, a future of social transformation through work and with quality information.  

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Soon we will disclose a new way of bringing information and looking at the world. 

Dabbing na água

O Sol nasce para todos

When we commercialize a large-scale wind or solar energy project, the local community often expects to directly benefit from this energy in their homes.


We believe in making renewable energy acessible to everyone. With this goal in mind, DWUL Energy, together with SMILE SOLAR, the group's retail company, is jointly developing a distributed generation project. 

This initiative aims to meet a portion of the energy consumptions of the community surrounding the project. 

It is an exclusive and pioneering initiative in the renewable energy market in Brazil

Community Education

Rural activities in the regions where we develop projects are very specific. 

In some regions we have family farming, in others, livestock coexists with the enterprise. 


We map the economic activities of each region and, together with specialists, at the start of construction, we propose a continuing education agenda that delivers to the community from family financial education and employed their economic activity to techniques and production improvements. 

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