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Our greatest pride.

Guaranteed transparency with our stakeholders. 

We are convinced that our transparency contributes to the longevity of our relationships and business.

Through our governance we managed to reduce risks and be more competitive, delivering more comfort and safety to our customers, suppliers and employees. 


Board of Directors

Evaluates results and defines strategies

Quality Committee 

Development and service improvement strategy

Conduct Commission

Responsible for receiving complaints and conducting the code of ethics

Reporting Channel

Anyone who encounters any ethical deviation involving DWUL can access our reporting channel anonymously or submit the occurrence for analysis, independent of our Conduct Committee.

To ensure confidentiality and transparency:

Access our reporting channel by clicking here here or

Send a letter addressed to DWUL Energy Conduct Committee at Rua das Orquídeas, 737 / 509 - Indaiatuba - São Paulo. CEP: 13345-040

Code of Ethics

We guide customers, employees and suppliers about the values to establish our relationship.

Request our code of ethics via


If you have any complaints about our services, please contact our ombudsman via email:


We protect the data of customers, suppliers and employees, who undergo annually renewed training.

Request our LGPD policy via

ESG initiatives ?

Want to share your idea?

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