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The emptiness, sublime, that inspires us to reflect on our way of living and the way we deal with nature.

"Empty screen.
In appearance - really empty, silent, indifferent. Dazed, almost. Indeed - full of tensions, with a thousand muffled voices, loaded with expectations. A little scared because it can be violated"

DWUL Energy respects Nature and all its sublime complexity. 

We violate the minimum to live alongside.

Wassily Kandinsky

Nature Tokens

Environmental Management

We understand that mitigating actions and preservation of the physical and biotic environment of the places where we develop are already addressed during the environmental licensing process of the Projects. 

However, our respect for the environment makes us, independently, undertake the commitment to implement some specific actions.

Program for the Scientific Use of Vegetation in the Area Directly Affected by the Project 

Creation of a scientific reference of the flora found in the development area, providing scientific knowledge about the region.

Map of the Biotic Environment

Photographic study with the species found within the Area Directly Affected by the Project

Physical Environment Map

Photographic study of the rock formations found within the Area Directly Affected by the Project


Energy Efficiency

  • Installation of R410A gas in 50% of the air conditioning equipment in all DWUL Energy offices. 

  • Separation and proper disposal of organic and recyclable waste.

  • Car sharing program.

  • Implementation of 100% LED lamps in all offices.

  • Automatic activation of light and water in 70% of the bathrooms at DWUL Energy offices

  • Paperless Campaign to reduce paper usage

  • Electricity consumption forecast to optimize energy usage

  • Purchase of equipment with Procel A Seal (energy efficiency certification)



In order to reduce the volume of paper use within the company, we have adopted corporate accounts on the DocuSign platforms for verifying, acknowledging and signing documents and studies and DropBox to manage the large volume of documents, information and studies for each of the Projects we develop. .​

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