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Free market

The free energy market is an environment in which companies are free to choose their electricity supplier and negotiate contracts directly, providing greater flexibility and savings potential.

At DWUL, we are ready to help your company on this journey.

Companies with contracted demand equal to or greater than 500 kW can migrate to the free market. If your company meets this requirement, we can help you understand the migration process and the benefits involved. We will assess your current demand, consumption profile and other criteria, providing clear and precise guidelines for planning and migration.

For companies with a demand of less than 500 kW, it is important to mention that there are bills in progress aimed at expanding access to the free market, which would allow the migration of a greater number of consumers. We are aware of these changes and ready to help when they become reality.

At DWUL, our focus is on providing personalized support for our clients' planning and migration to the free market. We work closely with your team, considering your specific goals and objectives. Our specialist knowledge and industry experience allow us to develop efficient energy procurement strategies and maximize the benefits of the free market.

By migrating to the free market, your company will be able to negotiate long-term contracts with more competitive prices, customize energy supply according to your specific needs and have access to renewable energy sources.
With our guidance, you will be prepared to take advantage of these opportunities and gain significant advantages in terms of cost and sustainability.

Count on DWUL to assist in planning and migrating to the free energy market. Our experts will support you every step of the way, ensuring your business has a successful transition. Take advantage of free market opportunities and drive the growth and efficiency of your business with our expertise at your side.

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