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The self-production of energy in Brazil offers companies the opportunity to generate their own electricity, thereby reducing costs, increasing energy independence, and contributing to sustainability.

One of the significant advantages of self-production is the exemption from specific charges levied on consumers who are not self-producers.

The charges that non-self-producer consumers pay, such as the System Service Charge (ESS) and the Reserve Energy Charge (EER), represent a considerable portion of the electricity bill. Generally, these charges can vary between 25% and 35% of the total electricity bill.

By becoming a self-producer, your company no longer incurs these charges, resulting in significant savings on your energy bill. 

At DWUL, we are committed to helping companies maximize the benefits of self-production. Our team of experts closely follows energy industry regulations and policies to provide clear and precise guidance to our clients. Additionally, we offer a robust regulatory and legal framework that helps self-producers make informed decisions and ensure a successful energy transition.

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